go with the flow, it never gets old
breaks through the mold
carves from rocks their gold
etches canyons for the bold
cares tenderly for the old
brings all into their fold
and it can never be sold
when all is done and told
go with the flow
it never


forever is never

Quiet quiescence of a quintupled mind
Such is the quintessence of the troubled kind
Ties itself over into endless knots
Knows not what it knows, nor what it does not
Savors the breath of the moment to bear
Leaves that last breath without but a care
Wholly unwhole, yet wholesomely told
Its pain is too real, but whelmingly old
When at last it breaks free of its folds
Sees at last the coccoon left of its mold
Not joy not love but quietude
Cognizant ever of its solitude.

love poetry

paraíso perdido

Wake up in the morning
It’s half past nine
Sun shining in my eyes
But I don’t mind
‘Til I see the date and I realize

Today’s that day
I wish I could wish away
To remember is fate
Save one I hate.
With bitter distaste,
I pay the price:
To have once loved,
And now to hate.

If ever I could undo
My error from then,
Ne’er would I love again;
False poets who claim,
“Better to have loved and lost”
Know not love’s true cost
They themselves have not been lost
Felt such toll upon the mortal soul:
No amount of worldly gain
Can recompense the lonely pain.

With worldly aversion,
Escape life’s immersion
Ignore its maze
Cast your gaze
To the far away;
Then shed false sanity
Discover your humanity
Adopt true humility
And with this, be free:
From love, from hate,
From cursed memory
Escape damning fate:
To heaven, gravitate.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Or better to not have loved at all?
Best of all to know of love
Yet be free its beckon call
No matter life’s route
No doubt of this truth
No doubt
At all.



The hardness about your eyes
Melts like snow into softness
With a snap, just like that
Ten years long have past

The energy of youth: titanic forces
Crushing tsunamis surfing the oceans
World-ending earthquakes rending
Tectonics grinding in endless motion
Molten blood from fissures spurting
Meteors bombing fervent notions

Now replaced by a gentle tide
The watchful moon, elegant and wise
Silvery light of a starlit night
Clear skies and breezy sighs
A warmth lingering deep inside
Something you knew and always said
If only you’d found it
Before you were dead.

How blessed the gift, to be old
How tragic the curse of our youth
To die in life yet remain alive
Is a chance at last to let love unfold
So do not hold
To worldly notions
Do not cling
To material’s oceans
Let not love
Light your life
But let your love
Ignite the sky
And be the sun
For newborn worlds
Gravity, gently guiding
By which their orbits are ever determined

Be the being who burns but survives
Despite the heat of the harshest hell
Subsists in pain and quiet torment
And in its molten seven swell
Forges a stairway, up to heaven

Though you know how this unfolds
As you invite all those below to ascend
They resist with lousy quips
Leaving you alone, in the end.


rocket smoke

a myopic symposium
gathered collective
of baggage and garbage
and people defective

some words she said
in prideful vanity
twisted your heart
to your ears, profanity

now you curse
people who remind
you of her lot
and her wicked kind

a sickening sensation
curls with elation
in the pit of your stomach
bubbling in vomit

for a brief moment
someone more wholesome
reminds you not all
people are loathsome

take a deep breath,
cast it aside
like the throw of a hat
or the toss of a die

the only elixir
for broken memories
are more memories
with which to bury

remember a time
before her and her kind
before you lost hope
and loved being alone

a time when time
did not have meaning
when all you believed in
were dreams and your feelings

cry for the moon
and howl at the stars
chase after the sun
and roll in earth

let us alight
our worldly plight
burn it away
unphased by the haze
to glimpse a day
veiled in smoke
when we’ll float away
deep into space.


tried and tired

The past echoes in fragments
Bits of reflections begging the question:
Why did you do the things you did
Where did it all start falling apart?

The more you think, the farther you go
There is no starting point, you know
Maybe the suffering will never dissipate
Perhaps you will never escape.

You want it to mean something
Want to believe
That you’ve grown
Or that you’ve achieved
Some sort of wisdom
Despite broken dreams

But you seem to find
No matter how you try
You keep coming back
To the same old grind

Maybe time will hammer you down
Until you no longer want a way out
And you’re flattened and plain
But free from pain

The days will wind by
Empty and the same
Nothing interesting
No love, no hate
Just counting the days
To your final resting place

Maybe you shouldn’t have
Fought so hard
It was better to be
Nothing at all

Then you remember
What it was
That drove this all
A deep secret
Covetous self-expression
This desire to be
Not bound by anything
Not even reality

And in that quest
How far you’ve come
You know now
What must be done

No more pluripotent
Just a singular path
You’ll walk fervently

Keep your focus,
Maintain your attack
Walk with purpose
And never look back


souryelf by

the words of the song
that once meant so much
had lost their touch
like texture worn smooth
by friction of time

at moments you feel
what once you knew
but now the truth
is stark like day
blinding in a way:
no song by another
could ever approach
not even close
the sweeping sweetness
and melodic greatness
to songs you sing
by yourself.


light blue dress

there was a strand
of blonde-brown hair
held in hand
borne of a maiden
to whom he was beholden

dressed by sky’s blue love
her bright elegance limned
by light of heaven above
like flowering blossom limbs
her beauty reminiscent of

skin glowing
lips quavering
digits flowing

timorous and full of care
her sweet voice plucking
pleasing notes upon the air

he looked away
tried to still himself that day
but his eyes refused
drifting perpetually her way

when once he died
’twas her vision
brought him back to life:
in the memory of a past
where once they were more
but here and now she was
behind closed doors

upon that strand
hung a myriad songs spun
from countless lifetimes wrung
with blood, effort, and tears
by failures, vanities, and fears

he breathes rocks with reverence
foreseeing in remembrance
his past and future deaths
lets go the strand to the wind’s breath
in its lightness, heavy cost
realities forever lost

he is content
such naïveté must end
in his pursuit of this life’s truths

this is the price paid
for freedom in every age
in severing the soul
from its earthly ways

in such gesture
he transcends all care
she is bound here
and he is headed there.

cosmic self-reflection poetry

snow strung

it melts away
like snow upon your palm
the notes of a guitar
evanescing upon the air
the strings vibrating
the water dripping
sound still ringing
cold spot
an echo in your mind
something lost
the farther you get
the harder it is not to forget
but the notes and motes float
upon the ether of your ethereal mind
meld together in a glorious swell
drifting, twisting, then unwind
what’s gone may be no more
but never forgotten
melted into your molten core

lyrics poetry rap

anchorage, alaska

this malediction’s fiction
something you made up
but thinking it so much
has made it too real
now you have to
undo the whole spiel
but it’s not so easy
when it’s all inside
all in your mind

so what you gotta do
is throw it out
in words, in screams
in punches and shouts
when it comes up, get up
and walk about
don’t keep it inside
but don’t vent it out

other people
don’t know what it’s about
this is your battle
your struggle, your bout

take your fate into your own hands
never believe it’s beyond your reach
never think you’re a function of disease
human belief affects expression of genes
push back the sea splashing your face
let go and float your boat to a safe place
every thought leaves a quantum trace
that beyond your control
ignore like street whores
never give credence to negativity
it roots and festers with anxiety

take a deep breath
forget you’re alive
remember that life
is just a big lie
like the video games
and films on TV
it’s a big matrix
of sub-quantum seeds
so better believe
all that you see
is nothing compared
to what’s beyond belief

this life you fret over
is nothing much
knock down its value
sock it with a punch
dance like a butterfly
sting like a bee
with every swing
beat back reality

and if you think you need
another person to believe
in yourself to achieve
some fraction of your dreams
that’s bullshit, you see
excuses you made up
out of fear of the sea
breathless in wonder
at the breadth of the horizon
preferring to stagnate
with lame excuses
than be a magnate
wise and reclusive

if you choose to be
like a peaceful beast
than chase after dreams:
if you have dreamed
to finally see
the reality
glimpsed beyond
sleepless nights
and heard in songs:
then at last you know
how none can last
and none can save you
your mortal past